Department of Electrical Engineering, Fukuoka University


Guide of Electrical Engineering

As one of the key technologies in the evolution of our modern civilization over the past century, electrical engineering continues to grow in importance, ensuring its role as one of the centers of future industry.
The Department produces skilled electrical engineers capable of fully answering the needs of modern society.

The Department's curriculum has the following features. From their first year on, students take specialized courses in electrical circuitry and electromagnetics as well as physics and mathematics. Corresponding to current needs, specialty courses cover a broad spread of technological fields: electric power systems, power electronics, advanced functional materials, and electrical and electronic materials, including studies of advanced superconductivity, system engineering, with a thorough grounding in modern control theory and its applications, the rapidly developing field of communications, and energy conversion engineering, including studies on energy and environmental issues. Courses for other relevant fields include computer science and information processing. The Department attaches great importance to seminars in which final-year students tackle advanced graduation research in small classes that nurture their creativity and problem-solving capabilities.